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How does fire alarm monitoring work in Ann Arbor?

March 22, 2023
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Will your family be adequately defended if the unthinkable occurs and a fire ignites in your home? What if you’re not at home? If you have around-the-clock monitoring from reliable home security professionals, you’ll always have a backup set to respond whether you’re home or not. Learn how fire alarm monitoring works in Ann Arbor and why it’s a great investment for your property.

Safety alarms are essential to your security

Smoke detectors are a necessary element of every home, whether they are monitored or not. It’s also a smart idea to use CO and water detection to keep your family and property protected. If an crisis occurs, these sensors will alert you promptly so you can take action. Having this level of protection is nice, but when you combine them into your comprehensive home security plan with off-site monitoring, it’s even more effective.

The best in monitored fire alarms give you an upgrade in functionality too. These implements not only notice smoke, they are also able to identify climbing temperature levels. Whenever they are activated, your monitoring professionals are promptly alerted. They can even be set to send notifications directly to your mobile device.

Why opt for fire alarm monitoring in Ann Arbor?

When a disaster strikes, you will have enough to do simply making sure your loved ones are safe. Having trusted support standing by that will instantly confirm the alarm and inform emergency personnel in your name is merely an intelligent choice.

Here’s how fire alarm monitoring works in Ann Arbor:

  • Smoke or fire is observed, and your alarm triggers
  • Your unified home security system contacts your 24-hour monitoring specialists instantly
  • You are called to authenticate the emergency and to inquire about your safety
  • If your monitoring staff are unable to get in contact with you, or you verify the fire, they will contact emergency responders in an instant

You will be astounded by how rapidly this process takes place. As you round up your family members to exit the premises, the fire department is likely already answering the call. When you have fire alarm monitoring, you will have access to these benefits:

  • Around-the-clock protection regardless of your location
  • Greater probability of speedy response times from emergency personnel
  • Committed monitoring agents who will know which component was set off
  • Having a sense of security knowing someone is always looking out for you

It’s important to remember that disasters can occur unexpectedly. Consider accidentally leaving a candle lit when you go out for the night, and a furry friend succeeds in push it over. While this may appear implausible, it could happen. When it does, you’ll be protected with 24/7 fire alarm monitoring.

Stay protected with around-the-clock monitoring from Vivint

Now that you have a clearer understanding of how fire alarm monitoring works in Ann Arbor, it’s a great time to equip your property with a modern system from Vivint. We’ll supply you with the latest fire alarms and your choice of safety devices in your personalized plan. When you choose 24-hour monitoring, your property will be secured at all times, no matter where you are. Start on your modern smart home right now by contacting (734) 206-7166 or submitting the form below.